Mansion History

In the early 1900s, the house was sold to John Nelson Montgomery, Sr., hence the name Montgomery Mansion.


John Nelson Montgomery, Jr. married Grace Clarke in the early 1900s after meeting each other at a community dance.  Having moved into the Montgomery  Mansion with John’s parents soon after their wedding, Grace continued to reside in the house until her death in the early 1970s. Mrs. Montgomery donated the house to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church next door.  They also had the property registered as an Historic Landmark.  This action later saved the house from destruction.

The church used the house as an addition to their church.  In the early 1990s, the church wanted to build an extensive building on the site, but since it would involve the demolition or moving of the house, many people in the church, community and historical society protested so loudly that the plans were altered with the addition to the church being built behind the church instead of along side.

The property was then purchased by the McAuliffe’s in the early 1990s.  They lived here, raising their family until 2005. Against the wishes of the local historic society, Kathy decided to change the exterior color (then white) to create a Victorian Painted Lady. The exterior was stripped to bare wood.  The appropriate repairs were made with the painting of the exterior completed over several years.  The fish scale slate shingles, used to replace ordinary asphalt shingles, were added during the renovation. They were installed as currently seen on the top floor.  The new roof, to the amazement of the local residents, was copper.

Shirley and Butch Smith are the current owners of the property. Under their guidance, all walls, plumbing, electric and wall finishes are new and the floors have been sanded, but not replaced. As with all historic homes, restoration continues…

Modern Renovations
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